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2011...The Year of the "Instant Gratification Buyer"

Posted on January 16, 2011 at 1:11 AM

Over the past few years, we have seen a rising trend of buyers seeking out the “Move-in-Ready” properties. This is largely due to the fact that people are becoming more and more time-deprived. But, also, due to large amounts of inventory on the market at all times, buyers can simply be a lot more selective.

I have, however, come to a conclusion regarding the evolution of buyers, and have been witnessing a new, and growing, group of buyers for this coming year.

A new breed, if you will.

Throughout my daily work as a Professional Home Stager, I am in constant contact with buyers, sellers, and Realtors®. I also watch Real Estate activity like a hawk.

Today’s savvy, proactive, and educated buyer not only does their homework regarding market activity, but they also diligently watch Real Estate/Home Improvement/Home Staging television shows.

What does this mean?

Introducing the new face of the average buyer for 2011:

The buyers are seeking the “Move-in-AND-ENJOY-Ready” properties.

They have raised the bar on expectations, and are no longer satisfied with the “Move-in-Ready” properties. They want to see that the seller is merchandising an attractive lifestyle. The new buyer does not want to have to put forth any effort in order to envision enjoying their lives, daily activities, and personal interactions in their new “home”.

This means that it is no longer enough to simply update flooring, paint, and windows. The buyer will no longer tolerate being left to wonder what the space should be used for.

Vacant/empty spaces, and spaces filled with room-role functionally confusing furnishings and items simply frustrate buyers. Buyers today are making home-purchase decisions based on emotions and visualization.

Buyers simply do not have the time or patience to brainstorm over hidden-potential in properties. They want an absolutely finished product, not a product that “could be beautiful with a little bit of investment or elbow-grease”.

The buyer craves a warm and inviting vignette within differing spaces.

They require that all guess-work is removed from the equation. Help the buyer immediately see the intended purpose of each space, but go further and create a practical, yet calming and inspiring vignette that captivates them.

The electronic age we are living in allows buyers to sift through listings far quicker than ever, which helps them be incredibly choosy and selective. They will literally keep on clicking past listings until one captivates their senses, lures them in, and inspires them to dream.

How do sellers keep up with the growing demands of buyers?

How are sellers supposed to create these welcoming vignettes in their homes?

This is where Home Staging is now a necessary tool when selling a property. Professional Home Stagers are trained, experienced, and educated on what the current buyers in your specific target market(s) are longing to see and feel when viewing a property, both in photos and in person.


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