*Home Staging in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding Areas*

                                             BUYER BEWARE!!

Home Staging, still a fairly new industry, is unregulated at this point. This is what makes it so important for you, as the consumer, to be very aware of who you are hiring to come in and Stage your Home For Sale. You want to make sure that the Home Stager is Professional, Credible, Legitimately and Legally Operating, Insured, follows a Strict Code of Conduct, Has Fees set Within Reasonable Guidelines, and Offers High Quality Workmanship.

Ensuring that you hire a Home Stager with the official CCSP™ designation GUARANTEES that you have hired one of the leading authorities in the industry, and that all of the above rings true. Now, if the Home Stager you have met claims they have been Trained and Certified, and is in good standing with Canadian Certified Staging Professionals, you, the consumer, SHOULD go to http://www.canadianstagingprofessionals.com/, do a little reading, and click on "Find A Stager" for your particular area. If that Home Stager is being honest, they will have a Stager Profile within this website. Click here to view our profile on the website.You can even ask your Home Stager for their CSP™ certificate #. They should be able to rattle this number off without even having to think about it.

 Make sure you also request to see a portfolio for actual photographs of some of their past work. Seeing their "Before and After" photos is something that should be readily available to all potential clients of a Home Stager.

We, Revealing Assets, know how scary it is for consumers out there who hire companies to come into their homes, or safe havens, to carry out a service. There are way too many horror stories out there about fraudulent service providers.

Home Staging, as stated above, is an unregulated industry at this point. But, if any Organization manages to officially regulate the industry, it WILL be Certified Staging Professionals. We continue to raise the bar when it comes to integrity, talent, Real Estate Market aptitude, ethics, customer service standards, passion, resourcefulness, creativity, reliability, and ABSOLUTE documented results for our clients.

As we all saw in the media over the past year, another industry that had to be regulated and monitored is Home Inspectors. It is now much easier for homeowners to know who they are inviting into their homes, and that the service and products they receive are legitimate and professionally backed. Read more about this by clicking on this link to read a great artic